At Gatley Primary School, we recognise that a whole school approach is needed in order to promote wellbeing and positive mental health. The school has explored different ways to support wellbeing for both pupils and staff, for example; the development of our RHSE curriculum, the introduction of reflective teams for staff and the introduction of the Mo Scale across school which supports pupils to identify and talk about their feelings and emotions.

In January 2022, we were delighted to be accredited with 'Transforming' practice in Wellbeing from the SSAT. In order to achieve this award, the school was required to demonstrate that:

  • The approach to wellbeing is coherent, consistent and embedded within the school's ethos. A positive, happy and healthy environment supports the wellbeing of the entire school community both mentally and physically. Wellbeing is considered in all aspects of the school's practice and is a collective responsibility, with all stakeholders playing an important role. School leaders actively promote emotional, mental and physical health in all aspects of their work which has significantly impacted upon school life. Learners and staff are encouraged to aim high and are supported to achieve their full potential whilst careful thought is given to ensuring that high aspirations do not result in excessive pressure. All members of the school community are supported to develop the skills they need to succeed while maintaining positive wellbeing - egg. resilience and positive mindset.
  • The school community champions diversity and inclusion, ensuring everyone feels welcome and valued. Where these values are challenged, school leaders act rapidly to address concerns in a consistent and effective manner. A clear strategy is in place to ensure that learners and staff are well informed about diversity, inclusion and mental health, with carefully planned and scheduled activities and teaching. There is a consistent understanding of the school's approach to  wellbeing and the whole school community use and understand the same terminology.
  • Successes of all kinds are recognised and celebrated. Where there are areas for development, these are approached in a collegiate, supportive manner. Learners and staff are happy to ask for help and to share concerns and difficulties openly. this is underpinned by a strong culture of trust, in which learners and staff feel empowered to make decisions.
  • Extensive and appropriate support is available to any member of the school community as required. Every learner and member of staff knows how to access this support if needed and is aware of what is available. The school works with parents and a wide range of outside agencies; staff are skilled at identifying the kind of support that an individual needs and enabling them to access it.
  • Wellbeing is an ongoing priority and practices are continually reviewed and refined. Views of the entire school community are regularly sought and acted on and staff contribute to the 'bigger picture' and school development. Leaders are open-minded and always looking to develop creative and innovative solutions to reduce workload and promote positive wellbeing.



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