Parent Information

It is widely recognised that the more involved parents are in their child’s education, the better they perform at school.  At Gatley Primary we focus on three key points to improving the school-home partnership:

  • providing parents with information;
  • giving parents a voice; and
  • encouraging parental partnerships with the school.

This website provides a range of strategies, policies and programmes designed to bridge the gap between schools and  families, creating an inclusive community where information is communicated and exchanged regularly, and personally.  This is supported by a range of workshops for parents and drop-in sessions to enable them to observe curriculum delivery and access age-appropriate advice.

We want to have strong relationships with parents and families. Your co-operation and support can make a real difference to how the children see themselves as learners and engage in learning.  We are committed to regular communication about your child’s individual development and achievements is a key component of successful partnership work with you.

If you have any questions regarding our approaches or wish to provide feedback on the information we provide, please email

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