Curriculum Maps

These are our curriculum maps for each year group. Each year group has a termly curriculum map which sets the context for the curriculum. To link with our curriculum intent, each map is structured using questions as a model for curiosity.

Each map has 4 quadrants and each quadrant plays an important role: incorporating prior knowledge, current world events and local links where appropriate and even enable pupils to bring their thoughts to the curriculum. Each quadrant references prior knowledge and build on this. These maps provide the structure for the curriculum for each year group, demonstrating where big ideas and concepts will be taught. 

Mapping of the bid ideas, and corresponding concepts, to be taught supports our pupils in seeing further connectivity within their knowledge and skills to result in a growing body of knowledge over time. Enrichment opportunities are also planned for, with each term's study cumulating in a trip or visit, a social responsibility project or a production. Additionally, each term, a class text is carefully selected, which will be shared with the children and incorporated within lesson delivery. Across the year, these texts are selected to ensure a broad and balanced reading diet and to expose our children to a wide range of genres and authors. Non-fiction texts are also carefully selected to support the delivery of each sub-question. These texts are selected to ensure our pupils are exposed to a wide range of text types and text structures.

Please click on the curriculum map of your choice from the list. For questions regarding the content of a particular map, please contact your child's class teacher.

For general questions regarding the school’s approach to the teaching of the curriculum, please contact Rebekah Lyall, who is our Curriculum Lead, by email at, and she will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible.

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