Pupil Parliament




Pupil Parliament

The aims of Pupil Parliament:

  • To represent all pupils and include a fair representation of the school
  • Take time to listen to all pupils and allow them to communicate their views
  • Feedback to pupils following meetings with their departments

How does Pupil Parliament Work?

The Pupil Parliament is divided into eight departments which meet regularly with their team leader to discuss issues raised by their classes and other important areas that they want to promote and improve.

Each department runs meetings with clear agendas where members take on different roles as responsibilities. The Chair Person(s) sets the agenda and leads the meetings and the Secretary takes the minutes. The department members work together on their chosen projects, lead meetings with their own classes and discuss challenges and resolutions with different members of staff. This is to ensure that the views of the school are listened to, debated and acted upon so that Pupil Parliament gets the best outcome for every project.

Any pupil from Reception to Year 6 can apply for a position in a department. Each candidate can give a short speech or presentation explaining why they want the responsibility of a role in a given department and then a class election is held.



Department Action Plans


Department for Digital Culture:

Department for Arts and Culture:

Department for the Environment:

Department for Health and Care:

Department for Community Partnerships:

Department for Reading:

The Treasury:


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