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Gatley Primary School is a large, three-form entry school located within a pleasant suburban area on the outskirts of Stockport.  The school currently has 577 pupils on roll aged between 3 and 11.  We see ourselves very much as a family school, where education is a partnership between staff, parents /carers and pupils, and where we work together for the good of all our children.

Gatley Primary provides a unique learning experience for children, which they design themselves. Our children co-construct the curriculum around their own interests and backgrounds. This starts with suggestions for themes, developing activities and then moves through to creating their own success criteria for a lesson. Staff feel that this level of involvement is crucial to everyone’s engagement and excitement for the curriculum.

Along with this, children are provided with an independent learning approach through which they are able to make choices and challenge themselves in the learning environment. Whilst a specific and challenging success criteria underpins everything within the environment, children explore and challenge themselves, accessing a range of key skills.

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