Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility




Becoming socially responsible citizens is an important part of the curriculum experience at Gatley Primary School.

As one of our school values, this is developed in all aspects of school life: in the classroom and beyond. Through important roles in school, the children develop their social responsibility to each other and the school environment through linked class activities - where learning is shared, through school awards where pupils nominate their own Stars of the Term, and through leadership roles such as Playleaders where pupils support and nurture each other during playtimes.

Social responsibility in the wider community and beyond is developed through curriculum themes and whole school curriculum projects. Such projects have included 'Make your Mark' where the whole school worked collaboratively to 'make our mark' in the local community by making positive contributions. This included: designing our own healthy menu with a local restaurant, developing our own food bank drop-off points and working with a local community group to design art work for the school.

This year, each year group has identified a social responsibility project that is linked to the curriculum they are experiencing. Look out for these as they appear over the year!

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